How I Turn My Passions Into A
Successful Mastermind Business
My name is Steven Crissien and I specialize in helping coaches and consultants generate ROI inside of their business by building their customer journey. 

The biggest problem I see in the world today is education. My parents and I had to pay over $214,384 for my bachelors in Business Administration and Master of Science in Cybersecurity.

Besides the fact that school systems and universities are massively expensive, they are also outdated, slow and non-personalized. Their single intent is to “qualify” people to get "job security."

My mission is to redefine the education industry and bring a new standard to the way people learn all around the world. I aim to do this by teaching people how to teach themself. I believe people have untapped potential/knowledge in them that they need to extract, share it with others who want to "pay for speed," and change the way people learn - while making a Profit! 

Through and, we're teaching people how to start, grow, and protect their own business. We aim to remove learning through trial and error, hardship and standardized schooling.
How To Leverage Messenger Markerting to Rapidly Get New and Repeat Customers, On Demand...
My Favorite Charities...
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Intl. WeLoveU Foundation
Did You Know That Over 835 Million People Live in Extreme Poverty?  

Do You Want To Make An impact in the Global Community?

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Sustainable Development Goals
Join us on July 28th as we walk for Mozambique and launch the #AIMfortheGoals Campaign!

With the goal to support those affected by climate change disasters, education in developing countries and raising awareness on the Global Goals.
Who is Steven Crissien?
Steven helps businesses acquire more customers and build customer loyalty. He is an expert at helping people get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand. 
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